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1 Ozt. 31.1 G. Montana #8 Mesh Gold Nuggets

Item # CSGN-359A
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Product Description

This is easily one of the best values Natural Gold Trader has to offer on the website!
These are very nice vials of extremely pure, coarse & chunky #8 mesh placer gold nuggets directly from Montana.
Each vial is filled with exactly 1 troy ounce of wonderfully colored, 100% natural freshly dug gold nuggets. These beautiful gold nuggets were recently found in a placer mining operation near Helena. This gold is perfect for collecting, investing, or possibly even jewelry! The image of gold next to the dime is 1 troy ounce and is a representation of the gold in each vial. 

Each sale is for 1 vial filled with 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) of buttery-yellow gold, and will be shipped in the glass vial photographed.