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1/4 ozt. Arizona Placer Picker Pay-Dirt Bag

Item # CGBPP-009
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Product Description

This Approximate 2-1/2 pound bag of Pay-dirt contains 1/4 troy ounce or (7.77 grams) of very coarse Arizona Pickers/Nuggets)
The gold in this bag appears to be very pure and was recently found in a dry-washing operation. The photo of the gold is of 1/4 ounce from the same batch being offered for sale. So the gold you will receive in this bag will be very similar. 
If you have been searching for a pay-dirt bag that has lots of gold and doesn't contain a bunch of fines, here you go!
1/4 ozt. Guaranteed!

Although it will be hard to lose any of this sized gold, the use of a safety pan is still recommended!