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222.98 G. Humboldt Co. Big Nevada Gold Nugget

Item # CLGN-229
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Product Description

A Simply incredible & quite massive gold nugget directly from Northern Nevada!
This huge, 100% natural gold nugget was recently unearthed with the help of a GPZ-7000 metal detector in Humboldt County. It was found at a depth of around 18-20" and is crazy dense and heavy. Nuggets this large with this kind of character are extremely rare and hard to find.
It has excellent color with a weight of 222.98 grams or (7.17 troy ounces) and there might be 3 grams of iron-stained quartz matrix involved in this hunk. It will be an absolute highlight in someone's natural gold nugget collection, and is sure to impress anyone that holds it!

* Due to the value of this awesome Nevada gold nugget, a cashier's check or bank wire transfer will be our only accepted methods of payment. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this museum quality, one of a kind gold nugget.