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Want to find Gold Nuggets with a Metal Detector?

New gold nugget discoveries are being made every day with metal detectors. I started my search for gold nuggets with a metal detector over a decade ago. I accredit a majority of the success I have had to a person that trained me correctly right from the beginning. I was very fortunate that the person I bought my metal detector from actually takes his customers out to the goldfields. He not only shows you how to operate your new machine, but will also show you certain key indicators in the ground to look for.

Gerry McMullen has over 30 years of metal detecting expertise, and it definitely shows. Just visit his site and check out his customer photos and testimonials. Gerry carries a wide variety of metal detectors that is sure to fit just about anyone’s budget. However the most beneficial part of purchasing a machine from Gerry is that he can help you get the most out of your machine by teaching you how to properly use it.

By visiting Gerry’s website at: you can see the products and services he offers.

Also, it’s always nice to know where your referrals come from. So if you contact Gerry, please let him know that Natural Gold Trader sent you.


Gerry McMullen