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Gold's Nobility is Timeless

by: Michael Greyshock

   Some of us find gold, some collect, others invest, but none of us are owners. Our place is as stewards of the noble metal. Its birth is from a time and occurrence beyond our comprehension and its future is eternally beyond our understanding. But, for the briefest of moments we may enjoy and posses the opportunity to be a part of a creation that will endure for all time without ever losing its permanent glorious qualities. 

  Beautiful Gold Specimen An element of contradictions, gold remains incorruptible while maintaining a unique ability to corrupt those around it. If we remember our humble place as a footnote in its lifetime we can appreciate our place as steward for a nobility to last the ages of the universe. A privilege afforded to us at a time when all it takes to buy this opportunity is paper with a life expectancy of between four and 15 years. 

   Those of us privileged enough to discover a gold nugget understand the difficulties and rarities of such moments. We have a connection with each piece. There is nothing else like it. In order for us to continue experiencing such moments we may have to part with our prizes. Since much time, energy and effort went into each discovery, we may have difficulty in letting go. Likewise, much time energy and effort went into the ability to purchase these prizes for collectors and investors as well. We all have made a sacrifice to enjoy a brief moment with eternal beauty. 

   Kennedy Mine California High Grade Gold SpecimenMeekly, gold allows us to mold it into whatever shape we so desire. However, what we see on these pages are creations eons in the making and to be appreciated for their individuality and natural beauty. As we all are, the nuggets here are born from stars at the moments of their greatest power. From these moments, time unimaginable brought it to be a part of our same home world and has thus intertwined our courses. What we do with it is our own choosing.

   Spoken from one who has found some of the nuggets on these pages, I hope we all appreciate them for what they are, and if we choose to make something from them may we only seek to enhance their qualities. Our time is short and all too often filled with ugly things. Golds time is forever a witness to the beautiful things in our world and we have a special opportunity to be a part of that eternal testimony.

Michael Greyshock-