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Quality Time Spent Gold Detecting

by: Bob in Idaho

Gold Detecting for Gold Nuggets   My son Gus, and I have been metal detecting for gold nuggets for about 12 years now. Prior to searching for gold, we spent most of our time together hunting & fishing. I have always considered myself to be extremely lucky to have been able to spend so much quality one on one time with my son. We have been known as the “Father-Son Team” in this area for a long time. 
   The first few years of our gold detecting was spent in Northern Nevada. Our first detectors were gold-bugs, and although they certainly have their place it didn’t take us long to upgrade to the larger Minelab PI machines. We had decent luck finding nuggets at Rye-Patch, and they usually ranged in size from a half gram to about 10 grams. Gus usually beat me in finding nuggets by about 10 or 15 to one. During those days we often hunted fairly close together. I would try to keep an eye on him as I was detecting. Often I would see him scraping the ground with his boots, and then he would motion me to come over and listen to his target with my detector. I always enjoyed watching him dig up his nuggets.
I would also occasionally encounter a good sounding or questionable target, and I would waved at him to come over and listen. Sometimes he would even dig it up for me. 
Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets   In one of our favorite detecting locations, Gus had discovered a patch in a long shallow draw that had produced a good number of quality nuggets. We hunted this draw several times, most of which were fruitful. One evening we were trying to choose a place to go for a hunt. We decided to give this draw another try even though we thought we had it pretty well cleaned out. We hunted for a couple hours without much luck, and as I was swinging my 16” coil I heard a decent sounding target. It wasn’t the typical “wee-ooo” sound that most nuggets make. It was an inverted “ooo-wee” sound that usually only larger denser metallic targets produce. I figured it was probably just a big bullet or some trash, as we often encounter. I made three digs, each time taking off about 2-3 inches. With each dig, the target got louder and louder.
   Gus wasn't far away, so I waved him over and had him listen to the target. I told him it was probably just trash. However once he stuck his coil in the hole, what he said next got me excited. He said “Dad we have found very little trash in this draw, and none of it has been deeper than an inch or so. I think you’ve got a big nugget here.” At this point, we were down about 6-8 inches. Gus smiled at me and said “Do you want me to dig it out?” I said Sure! He broke out his pick and got to work. After he was down close to a foot he saw it and grabbed it. He was hiding it from me in his hand, and said to me “Well you just found our biggest nugget yet!” He tossed it to me, then gave me a great big hug and said; “Congratulations!” 
Bob Holding a Nice Nevada Gold NuggetIt was a gorgeous 24.6 gram, or just over ¾ ounce solid nugget. Although this nugget would not remain the largest between the two of us for very long, it sure was then and I was proud! 
   As I was kneeling beside the hole this nice nugget had just came out of, I said to Gus “You know, this is better than a six point bull elk!” He agreed.
This dandy nugget can still occasionally be found dangling around my neck.  
   Finding gold wasn’t very easy at first for me, and I would have probably given up detecting for gold if it wasn’t for Gus. He has taught me a lot! I am sure there are others out there that are lucky enough to share the same kind of quality relationship that I have with my son.
Good hunting to all of you!

Bob in Idaho-