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Reasons To Own Natural Gold

Gold has been money for thousands of years and it will always be money, despite the desires of central banks. They know this, and it's the reason they have recently again become net buyers of gold. This is a pretty good indication that they know something big is coming, or at least their covering their bases.

A dramatic rise in the price of Gold is a red flag that something is wrong with economic conditions, and or the currency. They can manipulate the price for awhile, but eventually physical demand is going to exhaust supply, and people will learn or realize that cashing in their gold stocks, and taking physical possession of their gold is not an available option. We will finally have a divergence as these paper markets will implode while the physical gold price will explode. Right now the paper gold markets are in a sense, mimicking the common banking practice; "Fractional Reserve Lending." As they can flood the market with multiple times more paper gold than they have actual physical gold to back it, driving the price down. It's nothing more than legal fraud. For the time being it's working for them, but they are getting greedy and are setting fire to physical market demand which will in time work against them.

Money and Currency are commonly confused as being the same thing. However what sets them apart is the fact that true money is a "Store of Value" as it holds it's purchasing power over long periods of time. More and more of it cannot just be borrowed into existence with the push of a button the way currency is currently created in this unconstitutional debt based monetary system our Fore-Fathers warned us about! Gold has always been the ultimate store of value, and it is the perfect hedge against inflation and currency debasement. Gold has always had periods of time throughout history where it has accounted for the expansion of new currency. Lately the central banks of the world have been doing plenty of that. For gold to account for all the new currency that has been injected into the system, the price must go much, much higher.

I honestly believe that we are heading for a complete and utter currency crisis, as the only option our Government will have to pay off our enormous debt will be to create more currency to pay for it. Of course this will only steal the purchasing power of the dollars in all of our wallets. I also believe that it will eventually lead to the collapse of the entire global monetary system. As almost every nation still has it's currency pegged to the dollar from the time it was once backed with GOLD. Now for the first time in the history, all currency's are "fiat" meaning none of them are backed by anything more than Government promises. When this devastating inevitable event happens, it is going to lead to the largest redistribution of wealth in human history, as all that inflated currency will come chasing after that small pile of gold!

At this point, Big Brother will probably be stepping in. Our country has already seen one fairly recent gold confiscation, and who's to say they wont do it again. In the last confiscation they were mainly after coins and bullion. Jewelry and Natural Gold would have been safe as they were pretty much considered artwork. Once gold has been melted down into coins or bullion, it's more or less considered money.

The simple fact that you are here suggests that you probably already agree that owning physical tangible gold is the safest place to hold and preserve your hard earned wealth. Because if you can't hold it, you don't own it!

Below are a few reasons why I feel owning Natural Gold can offer a great alternative to gold bullion:

* Gold nuggets are extremely rare, as less than 2% of all the gold that has ever been mined has been in nugget form, and most of those were melted down for coins and bullion.

* In the last gold confiscation the United States imposed on its citizens, Natural gold and jewelry were exempt from the confiscation.

* People are constantly getting scammed into buying fake bullion bars and coins. Yes people have attempted to make fake gold nuggets, but they just don't look right. Anyone who has handled real Natural Gold Nuggets can easily spot a fake one. I personally guarantee that every piece of Gold for sale on this site is 100% genuine all natural "AU' and has been recently mined straight out of the ground!

* Natural Gold is rare and beautiful!  I personally think it is a lot more thrilling, appealing, and exciting to look at, hold and admire than man-made bullion coins or bars.