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1592.50 Gram Mariposa California Gold & Quartz

Item # CGAQ-043

Product Description

* This awesome specimen has been extremely discounted to move!! *

A Mammoth Jaw-Dropping simply beautiful gold & quartz specimen with a bit of pretty grey arsenopyrite from California!
This amazing mineral specimen was discovered 27 years ago in Mariposa County. This incredible discovery was not made by a prospector or miner, but by a turkey hunter.. As he sat down to take a short break, he happened to look down at the ground and there it was staring back at him!
This extremely rare and gorgeous specimen weighs an astonishing 1592.50 grams or (51.20 ozt.) We have had a professional specific gravity test preformed on this specimen, and shows to contains a whopping 827.86 grams or (26.61 ozt.) of beautiful yellow native California gold in it!
This bright yellow gold laser assays at 87.41%
This SG test documentation will be shipped with the specimen.
Gold specimens like this are very rare, and this one will be the centerpiece in almost anyone's natural gold collection!

*Due to the value of this nugget, a cashier's check or bank wire transfer will be our only accepted forms of payment. Please contact us if you are interested in this once in a lifetime piece of natural gold..