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299.85 G Australia Giant Gold & Quartz Specimen

Item # CGAQ-365
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Product Description

A Gigantic & absolutely fantastic mineral specimen of colorful-quartz, that's loaded with extremely pure & beautiful yellow Aussie Gold!
This dense & heavy, 100% natural gold specimen was found many years ago in Western Australia with the help of a metal detector. It weighs in at a whopping 299.85 grams and the specific gravity test estimates about 182 grams of super-attractive gold is contained throughout.
Natural gold specimens like this one are unbelievable rare and are sought after by natural AU collectors world-wide. It has wonderful color & character with very pretty gold literally oozing out it on all sides. It is sure to impress whoever holds it, and will be an outstanding addition to anyone's natural gold & quartz specimen collection!

* Due to the value of this incredible Australian gold & quartz specimen, a cashier check or bank wire transfer will be our only accepted forms of payments. Please contact us in you are interested in the purchase of this giant, gorgeous & unique natural Australia gold & quartz specimen!