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458.0 G. Elk City Idaho Gold & Quartz Specimen

Item # CGAQ-211
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Product Description

A Monster, one of a kind gold & quartz specimen directly from Northern Idaho!
This majestic, 100% natural gold & quartz specimen was recently found with the help of a metal detector in Idaho County near Elk City. It weighs an astonishing 458.0 grams or (14.72 troy ounces) and contains an estimated 103 grams of very pure and pretty looking yellow gold. A continuity test shows most of the gold is pretty well all connected to itself throughout this wonderfully rare & large gold specimen. It will be a fantastic addition to any natural gold specimen collection!

* Due to the value of this Idaho gold & quartz specimen, our only accepted forms of payment will be either a cashier's check or bank wire transfer. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this incredible natural gold & quartz specimen.