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604.3 Gram Massive Australia Gold Nugget

Item # CLGN-162
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Product Description

A Simply incredible, massive solid gold nugget from Eastern Australia!
This 100% natural gold nugget is about as pure as they get, and will assay around 97-98%. It was found near Victoria Australia with a metal detector. Gold nuggets this size are ridiculously rare and very valuable, and this one weighs an outstanding 604.3 grams or (19.43 troy ounces) It's weight in your hand is unreal as you wouldn't think something this size could weigh that much! It will shock everyone you hand it to and would be a highlight in anyone's gold nugget collection.

* Due to the value of this gold nugget, as cashier check or bank wire transfer will be our only accepted methods of payment. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this unbelievable extremely pure gold nugget.