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61.97 Gram Humboldt Nevada Gold Nugget

Item # CLGN-237
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Product Description

A Fantastic lump of precious metal with tons of character directly from Northern Nevada!
This beautiful, 100% natural gold nugget was recently unearthed with the help of a metal detector in Humboldt County. It weighs an impressive 61.97 grams and appears to be very pure with a deep yellow color. It has just a touch of hematite and a tiny imbedded quartz crystal or two. This solid and quite hefty gold nugget will be an excellent addition to anyone's natural gold nugget collection!

* Due to the value of this gold nugget a cashier's check or bank wire transfer will be our only accepted methods of payment. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this incredible AU nugget.

This Humboldt County Nevada gold nugget will be shipped with the glass-top display case photographed.