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The Beauty of Natural Gold

by: Gus at Natural Gold Trader

   Gold in its natural form is certainly some of Mother Nature’s most amazing artwork! It has absolutely captivated me since the unearthing of my firstOregon Gold Nugget The Beauty of Natural Gold nugget on a prospecting adventure long ago. Still to this day I love to just sit and admire beautiful gold nuggets and specimens. It’s so fascinating to see how natural processes have created each and every piece of this mineral so uniquely and exquisitely. Variations in shapes, sizes, colors, contrasts and formations separate, define, and distinguish every specimen. Gold is one of the few elements that does not require refining to be beautiful. In fact, man simply cannot recreate these awe inspiring works or art like only nature has. Not only do gold nuggets and specimens hold intrinsic monetary value, but in their raw natural state they are also extremely collectible and desirable. 

    Every chunk of native gold has its own unique story, not necessarily about the eons it took to form many of these gorgeous specimens. Or even the travels some have encountered while the face of our planet has evolved and transformed. Beyond the tale of their natural birth into Oregon Gold & Quartz Nuggetexistence begins a story about the prospectors who first discovered  and brought them to the light of day. As they sweat and toiled for them, and the excitement of being the first to ever lay eyes upon them. These freshly discovered gems are new wealth that have been brought to life by hard work and dedication. They had silently remained hidden in the shadows of the earth, completely untarnished since the dawn of creation. If they can avoid being lost or melted they will touch the lives of many, and are destined to be in the hearts of civilization until the end of time.

    One can only imagine the number of spectacular nuggets and specimens that were unearthed throughout the major historical gold rushes. Unfortunately most of the gold in those days was ushered to the smelter and melted down for coinage and bullion. The absence of this hoard of natural specimens in the marketplace has however made the fewer pieces that remain more desirable, collectible, and valuable. Some are now family heirlooms with an amazing heritage that has been and will be passed down for generations to come. Others are showcased in jaw-dropping displays of metallic luster in public places like museums and banks, sheltered by the protection of bullet proof glass. California Gold & Quartz High Grade SpecimenHowever the vast majority of them are likely to remain harbored within private collections, where the proud owners are sure to have them stored in safe keeping.  

   A special nugget is one that has received a name, and there are many that have been discovered that are so unique and special they have even become famous along with their finders!

   A modern rush of quality gold nuggets and specimens have been entering the market for some time now. In fact there is no question that over the last 30 years or so some of the neatest, prettiest, and rarest pieces have been unearthed with the help of metal detectors. This advancing technology is bringing some of these old gold rush sites back to life. They are enabling the new prospector to find gold the old boys either missed or completely had no chance at recovering at all.Nevada Crystallized Gold Nugget Metal detectors are allowing this new breed of miner to find the coarse gold that has evaded the streams and rivers, and has not been tumbled or worn smooth by placer action. Some of these natural specimens that haven’t traveled far from their source can exhibit the most wonderful crystallized structures and unique features. These types of High-Grade specimens are very rare and highly sought after by mineral collectors worldwide, and some of them will certainly command a royal premium.

   Collecting natural gold is extremely fun and exciting, Idaho Crystallized Gold Nuggetbut more importantly it offers a great alternative way to invest in this incredible precious metal. In my opinion, holding a gorgeous one of a kind specimen of natural gold in your hand is far more thrilling than say a common bullion coin or ingot. I am extremely passionate about natural gold, the pursuit of it, and basically all things gold related. The desire to cement a future of working and surrounding myself with this beautiful elusive metal has been my inspiration for establishing   

    Our website not only provides a wonderful location to buy natural gold nuggets and specimens, but it also offers a great place to sell your gold. We only handle 100% all natural gold, just the way Mother Nature created it! Our gold has originated from numerous locations, most of which has been very recently unearthed by hard working prospectors & miners.

Rye Patch Nevada Chevron Gold NuggetsWe strive to maintain a broad spectrum of inventory from fines, flakes, and gold nuggets to the top grade highly desirable AU specimens. We are honored to have you on our website. Here you will find hundreds of pictures of beautiful gold as well as lots of gold related topics to browse through. We hope you enjoy the contents within, and are eager to earn your business!